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Many alcoholics and addicts will enter treatment when they have hit rock bottom. For some, it will be a crisis situation. For others, it will be legal, financial, or health problems. Still others, it will be when they have lost sight of who they really are. Most addicts would probably consider these problems as reasons […]

Marijuana Chemical Components and Effects

Marijuana affects the brain in several ways. It has an active chemical such as tetra hyrocannabinol, cannibidiol and cannibinol that can affect the mental state, short term-memory, ocular pressure and reasoning.

Vicious Cycle of Heroin Addiction That You Must Know

Well, there are 5 stages in the heroin addiction life cycle, which includes: heroin experimentation, initiation, commitment, dysfunction, and heroin treatment. Let’s explore these stages further. The First Stage: Heroin Experimentation Well, millions of American has at least tried heroin once just for the sake of experimentation. They think that a one time trial is […]

The Meth Epidemic

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health Reports that 1.2 million people, or 0.4% of the populations has tried meth it in the last year. Almost 96% of the people who have tried methamphetamine are currently using it as often as once a month. In 2011, methamphetamine accounted for about 103,000 emergency room visits […]

Helping a family member

Alcohol abuse in the family is a widespread problem. But how can an individual help a family member who abuses alcohol? As I said, alcohol abuse is a common problem and a lot of people ask themselves what they can do about alcohol abuse in their family. When we talk about family, emotions are naturally […]