Helping a Family Member Who is Under the Influence of Alcohol Abuse

Posted: July 5, 2020 by in Care Treatment Addiction Rehab

alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse in the family is a widespread problem. But how can an individual help a family member who abuses alcohol?

As I said, alcohol abuse is a common problem and a lot of people ask themselves what they can do about alcohol abuse in their family. When we talk about family, emotions are naturally involved, and when these emotions run high, logic goes out the window. But if you have someone important to you who is sick and hurting, you want them to feel better, right? The same holds true with alcohol addiction, you just want to fix that problem.

So, what positive things can you do for your family member who is addicted to alcohol? If there is someone important to you who have an infectious disease, what is your reaction? What do you do? You’d probably tell them to see a health care professional who is an expert in that ailment. It’s the same for an addicted family member. You must persuade them to get help from a treatment center rehab professional who understands their situation and has a track record of success in helping addicts deal successfully with their problem.

There are some other ways that you can support your loved one in these difficult circumstances. Here are they:

  1. You should be supportive of the good qualities of your addictive family member, but you need to clearly point out that the path they are on is destructive to them and to your family.
  2.  Make sure that the addicted person understands what is going to happen in your relationship if they continue to choose to use drugs or alcohol.
  3.  Don’t ever attack. Remember that your addicted family member is a sick person. In a loving manner, insist that your addict get help. Suggest that they try not to drink alcohol for a month or so, but do it in a loving and kind manner. If it doesn’t work and the problem continues, consider an intervention. Intervention Services Fullerton CA has professionals trained in interventions, ready to help you regain your loved one.
  4. Do not lie for the addict or make excuses to others for their behavior.
  5.  Don’t obtain their drug of choice for them. Enabling addiction and not holding the addict responsible for their behavior is counterproductive.

To get help for alcohol abuse in the family, the most important thing to remember is: Don’t try to “fix” it. Don’t get taken into their addiction. Make your family responsible for getting professional help and support the addict in their efforts to overcome addiction. Tell them that they can go to an Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation center to get the best treatment to fight their alcohol addiction.

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