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The most efficient approach for getting an addict into rehab (rehabilitation treatment programs) is to stage an intervention. You are most likely worried about someone in your life, someone who is in your family, who is significantly and frighteningly changed because of drug and/or alcohol dependency. Watching an addict struggle and fight can be torturous, especially if you’re a family member. You might be asking yourself, “How can I help my family member get sober again?” and “What should my role be in getting my friend clean?” No matter how deeply you care about this person, you are probably fed up of being used and misled, and tired of helping the addict and others who are codependent on the addict. You can’t be afraid of confrontation: don’t let doubt stop you from taking action. We have been offering inpatient rehab services to the Fullerton, CA area for over a decade. Call us at (657) 300-9850 for more information about interventions and how to initiate one.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is a structured meeting that seeks to persuade the addict to enter a rehabilitation facility to treat their issues with dependency. Family members, friends, clergy, teachers, and other loved ones come together to confront the addict regarding the consequences of their drug dependency and encourage them to agree to therapy. Rehab intervention provides help in organizing an intervention, especially if the addict doesn’t realize they’ve got an issue, is in denial or is just unwilling to get help. During an intervention it is important to discuss particular issues:

  • specific examples of bad behavior and how it has affected the addict and their loved ones
  • the therapy plan along with goals and instructions that the addict is expected to follow
  • what every member of the intervention promises to do if the addict doesn’t enter a rehabilitation or treatment center

There are four kinds of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention is just “simply” asking the person to stop their self-destructive behavior, and before another, more complex intervention strategies are tried, a simple intervention should be attempted.
  • Crisis intervention is used to handle extremely hazardous, risky situations, like occurrences of reckless driving, violence, or intense substance abuse.
  • The goal of a classical intervention is to direct the focus of the conversation on a single person (the addiction) in order to get them to enter treatment immediately.
  • In a family system intervention, the focus is on persuading all of the family members to quit their behaviors, especially in instances of substance abuse and family violence, which create socially dysfunctional environments.

What’s the Difference Between Intervention and Rehabilitation?

It is very important to recognize the differences between intervention and treatment, and also to understand that both are required for a successful recovery. We know that interventions are just the first step, meant to convince the addict to enter rehabilitation. An intervention is NOT therapy, but a way to getting the addict to treatment. Rehabilitation is the best way to get an addict to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. At rehabilitation, our treatment center, the addict learns about the disease of substance abuse, the way to manage long term recovery, and what their triggers for using drugs or alcohol are. Recovery Centers Services recommends that, ideally, an addict will agree to enter a rehab program on the very same day as their intervention.

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Standing by as a loved one suffers and fights with drug addiction is troubling and frightening. Typically, interventions are highly-organized events involving the combined efforts of family and friends, but it is sometimes as easy as just asking the person to stop their destructive habits. In order to find an interventionist, locate a treatment program, or learn about substance abuse in general, call Alcohol Services Addiction. If you or someone you love is in the Fullerton, CA area, and needs services such as detox, inpatient rehab, residential treatment, intensive outpatient) give us a call. To get a family member the assistance they so urgently need, call (657) 300-9850 now!