Signs and Indications You May Need Rehab

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Signs you might need rehab in the Fullerton, CA area

Many alcoholics and addicts will enter treatment when they have hit rock bottom. For some, it will be a crisis situation. For others, it will be because of legal, financial, or health problems. And for some, it will be when they have lost sight of who they really are. Most addicts would probably consider these problems as reasons for continuing to use or drink more, but in reality, they are actually effects of the behaviors of addiction. Considering these circumstances and continuing the behavior is a good indicator that you may need rehab.

Signs You Might Need Rehab

People who are ready to quit the cycle of abuse, addiction, and dependence should enter into a rehab or treatment to see their goal realized. One sign or indicator that you may need a rehab could be that you’re having difficulty at work or at home due to substance abuse. These problems could be chronic tardiness, missing important tasks or work, and neglecting personal responsibilities.

Other signs and indications you may need rehab include

  • Being hangover or high at work or during important family events
  • Saying or doing inappropriate things during important occasions
  • Having your family, friends, co-workers or boss tell you that you are drinking/using too much

Perhaps there are legal concerns, such as getting a ticket for reckless driving or DUI, neglecting court meetings, or failing to pay fines, provision, or child support.

Financial indications that you may need rehab could include squandering so much time and money on partying that there is not enough left over to pay for the mortgage, utility bills, car payments, or even food.

Health problems are a major factor in triggering many people to decide to finally enter a rehab treatment center.

Stumbling Towards Rehabilitation

Most people will try to claim that they manage their situation alone by quitting, slowing down, or else controlling their use. This is definitely the way the addicted mind thinks and works. Even after some failed attempts to stop, addicts will often remain convinced that they are “just fine”. One of the hardest moments in the life of an addict will come when they finally reach the edge – or the point where they ask for help from outside sources like recovery programs center. At that point, they may have already lost all their money, have lost their jobs and relationships, and even their health.

The Road to Recovery

The risk of relapse will likely be a part of early recovery for most addicts. Family and close friends who understand you and the recovery are helpful, but frequently they have been so negatively affected by the addict’s actions and behavior that they are not able to be sympathetic at first. There are some family programs that are very beneficial for those who have an addict in early recovery. Unending support for early recovery is important for addiction treatment.

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