5 Stages of Heroin Addiction That You Must Know

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Vicious Cycle of Heroin Addiction That You Must Know

There are 5 stages in the heroin addiction life cycle which includes: heroin experimentation, initiation, commitment, dysfunction, and heroin treatment. Let’s explore these stages further.

The First Stage: Heroin Experimentation

Millions of Americans have at least tried heroin once just for the sake of experimentation. They think that a one time trial is nothing serious and won’t lead to addiction. Unfortunately, one try of this extremely powerful opiate can be enough to trigger heroin addiction.

The Second Stage: Initiation

The percentage of people who become addicted to heroin after getting high just once has increased by about 20% in the last 10 years. During this initiation phase, people will try any means necessary to use heroin and get the best high. Some will swallow heroin in a pill form, then move to snorting or smoking it, and eventually injecting it. Obviously, those people who inject this drug are more prone to risky health activities such as sharing and using dirty needles.

The Third Stage: Commitment

When it comes to drug addiction, we talk about a very different kind of commitment. Within the addiction lifecycle, this commitment happens from a secondary survival instinct. Addicts will put their lives on pause. They will stop living, stop feeling, stop developing, etc. Heroin addicts will commit everything they have just to get their fix, just to survive. Unfortunately, they will give any and everything they have – their food, shelter, water, human contact, body, and put all their energy just to sustain and support their high. If you stop theme even once, the person then will feel heroin withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, cold sweats, insomnia, severe muscle aches, depression, anxiety, etc.

The Fourth Stage: Dysfunction

We hear the term functional alcoholic quite often, but rarely a functional heroin addict. This is because normally it takes less than a year for someone to go from a perfectly-healthy contributing member of society to a full-blown heroin addict. When this happens, the drug takes priority over the individual above everything else: their family, friends, work, and health.

The Fifth Stage: Heroin Treatment

Well, if you have ever been addicted to heroin, there is still hope. Heroin addiction, like any other addiction, is a treatable disease. With the help of some drug recovery centers in California, the proper level of rehab, and new skills acquired to help to cope and deal with stress in the real world, long term recovery is possible. You can go to outpatient and inpatient care. Both treatment options can assist you with your heroin addiction and help you get clean. Yes, it’s difficult and will be a long arduous process, but recovery is possible. Promise yourself that you will get clean and sober.

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